After a tough election, there is much we still don’t know and a lot we still struggle to figure out. But some things are as true now as they were before November.

Donald Trump is an admitted sexual abuser of women; he mocks the differently abled; he insults our veterans and their families; he maligns Muslims and immigrants; he has demonstrated his racist worldview again and again and again and again. His vice president has made a career of denigrating women and LGBT people. All of these things are indeed deplorable. They are not what make America great. They do not represent the best of the country that we all love.

This is not normal.

So we will continue to march. And we will resist. And organize. And mobilize. We will no longer sit idly by when we witness injustice. We will get into good trouble.

Our new president, his administration, and its supporters will insist that these efforts are wasted; that there is no point or that it’s too little too late. But that ignores the long and storied history of an America where ordinary people stand up by the hundreds, and thousands, and millions to make their voices heard. They forget that citizen protest — deeply embedded in our Constitution — is older than America itself; that civic duty doesn’t begin and end with a presidential election. Democracy outlasts any campaign and any president, and requires daily work from each and every one of us.

Make no mistake that Donald Trump has been put on notice. Now let’s remind him every day for the next four years.

So I have just one thing to ask: after a historic day of protest on Saturday, keep going.

Run for office. Sign up to volunteer or donate to a good cause. Join a campaign. Make sure you vote, and that your friends and family are registered and do the same. Monitor the news and question everything, whether you agree or not. Take care of one another.

As President Obama put it: Show up. Dive in. Stay at it.

Four years is a long time, but we will endure. So please keep at it, and I promise you in return that I will be right there with you every step of the way.

See you out there.